Shannon's blanket of security

Due to there being no petty cash left, with which Shannon was planning to buy her lunch, Shannon is now the sole key holder of the petty cash tin, ensuring she never misses out on her lunch again.

Todays Poll:
What will Shannon buy with petty cash today?

 Home Furnishings
 All of the above

Shannon initiates operation "lunch money" with the unveiling of her new Blanket Of Security System (B.O.S.S). The petty cash protection vehicle features internet access for downloading itunes and windows for looking out of.

Campaign Poster featuring Shannon as the hardworking citizen that every woman can relate to. Sort of like that lady that does the 'Vista Blinds' commercials but not as hot.

Shannon Walkley eating lunch

Shannon eating her lunch while keeping an eye on the petty cash tin.

Shannon keeping an eye on the petty cash tin while looking out of the window.

Shannon as a young attractive schoolgirl in Nazi Germany circa 1939, looking out of the class window during lunchtime.

Shannon undercover in petty cash tin stakeout.


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