An all new, never before published collection of material from New York Times Best Selling author, David Thorne

"Thorne's best book yet. Clever, awkward, & laugh-out-loud funny.”
The Huffington Post

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David Thorne
Release Date
December 12 2016


"Thorne's best book yet. Clever, awkward, and laugh-out-loud funny. Highly recommended reading."
The Huffington Post

"Every now and then you come across a book that gives you 'that laugh'. That laugh where you have to put the book down and walk away to catch your breath and wipe your eyes. David Thorne's newest release is that kind of book."
Good Reads

"Haven’t read it yet but I’m mildly confident that it’s probably okay. Most of David’s books have a few good bits in them."
Patti Ford, Insane in the Mom-Brain

"240 pages of comedy gold. One of the funniest books I have read in years.”
Lisa McKensie, The LA Times

"Thorne's 5th collection is, without a doubt, his funniest. Packed full of charm, wit and cringe worthy exchanges, Wrap It In a Bit Of Cheese Like You're Tricking The Dog is worthy of the title, Funniest Book of the Year.”
The Advertiser

"A brilliant addition to his printed collection of essays and emails. This time, none of the articles are taken from his website so all the stories are new. ”

“A very enjoyable read that had our entire office in hysterics.”
Publisher's Weekly



New book release.
Wrap It In a Bit Of Cheese Like You're Tricking the Dog by David Thorne is available now.


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