Asked Questions regarding the limited print 'Victorian Edition' book I released a few weeks ago.

I recently made 1000 copies of a limited edition book (hand numbered and signed) available to order online. Surprisingly, these 1000 copies sold within an hour.
Unfortunately, due to overestimating the ability of people being able to understand simple instructions, I had to cancel and refund International orders. As such, at the time of this posting, 19 copies are now available:

Note: Priority 2 day shipping within the US only.

ISBN 978-0-9886895-1-0
Author David Thorne
Price $24.95
Availability 19 copies left

My copy of The Victorian Edition is missing page 11, and page 10 has been printed twice. Is it supposed to be like this?
There was a minor printing glitch with a small batch of the books (around 97%) which caused this feature. I refer to it as a feature as page 10 is much better than page 11. For those who would prefer to have a page 11 rather than two page 10's, I have posted page 11 below. Feel free to print it out and paste over one of the page 10's. Probably the second one. Or, if you would like two page 10's *and* a page 11, you could paste it onto page 64 which has been left blank specifically for this purpose.

I was doing stuff when you posted about the book being available and I missed out on getting one of the 1000 copies. Will you be doing a second print run?
No. When I decided to hand number and sign 1000 copies I had no idea how long it would take to hand number and sign 1000 copies. I was bored by book #5. The task also required placing a free sticker inside, creating a shipping label, sticking the shipping label on an envelope and posting. It took five days and four large cans of spray adhesive. My hand kept getting cramp and now my little finger won't open. I looked it up on on the Internet and apparently I have Trigger Finger. It's a real thing.

Seriously? My "free sticker" is the orange dot on page 5?
Also, the book is terrible.

Yes, but it is also very short so it has that going for it. You are actually one of the lucky few to receive an orange dot. It might come in useful if you ever have a yard sale with only one item to sell. Other people, people much less lucky than you, received blue dots or used Christmas present labels. In one book, I just used a piece of sticky-tape with the word 'Sticker' written on it with a Sharpie.

I received a refund with the message, "unable to create shipping order for overseas orders." Why can't you mail the book to WhereverthefuckiliveoutsideoftheUS?
To cover the cost of shipping from the US, I would have to charge around $25 on top of the price of the book. This means the total would be around $50 and the book honestly isn't worth a tenth of that. Also, Paypal's International shipping Javascript doesn't work on my Mac. Apparently I need to upgrade my operating system but If I do, Macromedia Freehand won't work and I would rather be kicked in the head by a horse than use Illustrator.

I know the order page states 'Delivery within the US only' but can you deliver to Canada?
Is Canada a part of the United States?

Well then.

Did you just steal Victorian illustrations from the internet and change them a bit in Photoshop or draw them?
I stole them from the Internet. Appropriation requires very little aptitude and I accepted the fact that I cannot draw many years ago. When I was about eight, someone painted grafitti on a neighbourhood wall of a giant snake. Thinking it was quite impressive, I took one of my father's spraycans from the shed and added my name under it. Word got around school that I was pretty good at drawing snakes and a short time later I was elected to add a snake to a school mural depicting Wildlife Preservation. Featured in the school corridor for the next four years, between excellent representations of an ostrich and elephant, was what became known as 'David's egg-flip with eyes.'

Who is your favourite member of One Direction?
I don't know, probably Robert Patterson.


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