Hello, my name is Lucius and I am a straight man.

Welcome to my home page. I hope this page lets us get to know eachother and maybe we can watch football together and other stuff that friends do. But just normal stuff because I am not a gay man.

About Me:

My Nickname
the T man

My Starsign
Taurus the lion king

My Hobbies
Collecting and swapping unicorn figurines on ebay. I love Unicorns, I think it is very sad that we allowed them to become extinct. Man is a selfish animal sometimes. We could have shared the world with them but we hunted them for the magical powers their horns possessed. If I had a unicorn I would meet it in the forest and be gentle with it until the day it trusted me enough to let me ride on its back.

My Favourite colour
All of them. Every colour on our planet is beautiful

My Height
While most females describe me as simply 'small', I see him myself more as a scale model of a budget male stripper. My height is an attribute as I am able to hide in small spaces and everybody loves hobbits. Lord of the Rings was a great movie, it was written by Peter Jackson who also makes cigarettes.

This is me and my best friend Aaron, he has great tattoos. I was going to get a tattoo but wasn't sure which of my designs was the best. They were all so great. Besides, having a tattoo might spoil my chances of getting signed to an international modelling career or something like that.
In this photo we are just hanging around the park with our other friends, catching a few rays and having a laugh. Nothing gay though because I am straight.

Lucius and Aaron, not gay.

In this photo Aaron is giving my skin a close check for discolorations after being out in the sun. He is very sun safety conscious and always makes sure we slip slop slap before going out. He's a great friend and very caring. Nothing gay though because we are both straight.

Lucius and Aaron, not gay checking for discolorations.

In one word - WOW! I couldnt believe the atmosphere during Mardi gras - the sound and smell and really colourful floats. I wanted to drive one but they wouldn't let me. I would have been a heaps better driver than the guy driving it. I could go heaps faster. I met lots of new friends and had a really good time. Nothing gay though because I am straight and they all knew that..

Lucius at the Gay Mardgras

This is my favourite photo of Brad. I like this photo because Brad is showing a sensitive yet cheeky side while still being masculine. If i was gay, which I'm not, i would definitely sleep with brad. Like if i had to sleep with one man in the world or the kidnappers would kill my whole family, then i would pick Brad.

My favourite photo of Brad Pitt


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