Ah, Reddit.

I do love you. The hive mentality, the... um... hive mentality. Of course if there were more aspects to admire, it would mean there would be more aspects of your demographic to cater to. This would require effort and I am extremely lazy.
A short while back, I decided to collect all the articles I had written, those on this website and those never posted, into book format. This was for two reasons. Firstly, I thought it would be fun. Secondly, when I started this website, I had no idea that a $9.95 per month hosting plan would not cope when more than one person accesses the articles at the same time and, as the 27b/6 website went down more often than a priest with a child tied up in the basement, I required more expensive hosting plans - book sales supplement this.
In July of 2010, we received a few complaints regarding our distributor. We ended our relationship with them and they refused to provide us with final accounts. As such, 116 orders out of 9,846 units were not delivered. The problem was identifying which 116 of the 9,846 it was and we had to wait for those people to contact us and then cross reference with online orders. Once established, a new book was sent out.
Due to the issue with our previous distributor and learning from our mistake, we changed to a highly established company that offers secure ordering and a money back guarantee - Cafepress. More recently, the book was signed to Penguin Publishing and all orders are fulfilled through their distribution network.
Unfortunately, two individuals of the 116 declared on a social networking site that they had not received their book and it was a scam. Although both of those people had already had their orders processed, when they stated otherwise, Kimberly, a staff member, posted evidence to the contrary. While this error in judgement followed abusive emails to her from one of the individuals calling himself ozh, Kimberly no longer represents 27b/6.
What the two individuals did not realise, is that while reading their statements, I was shaking my fist and muttering "I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you kids" as they had indeed exposed my cunning plan - a cunning plan in which I sent out thousands of books but kept the proceeds from 116 of them in order to live like a king. As I make around $2 per sale, 116 x $2 came to exactly one million dollars. With the money, I had my entire body plated with 24 carat gold. This means I can no longer move and weigh six hundred kilos so I am carried everywhere by forklift. My forklift is also gold plated and has rubies for wheels.
Regards, David.