The SA Great 'did you know' quiz
Adelaide, recognised nationally as the city of churches
and the highest producer of cannabis in Australia

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SA Great

I didn't have an image for this page so I typed 'Adelaide' into google images and this was on about page six. Sometimes I see photos of people on search results and I wonder who they are and where they live and if they are doing ok. Sometimes I get a crush on people in the photos. This photo just made me want to punch him.


As you may know, Guy Sebastian studied at the Elder School of Music in Adelaide.
For 5 points, what is the circumference of his head?

A. Huge
B. Ridiculous
C. any bigger and it would require support pillars


In 1998, South Australian astronaut Dr Andy Thomas took part in a mission on the NASA space shuttle Endeavor that required he spend 141 days in space.
For 5 points, what was the relationship between Dr Smith and Will Robinson in lost in space?

A. Suspicious
B. Worrying
C. Special


Jimmy Barnes from Cold Chisel was born in Elizabeth, South Australia.
For 5 points, name the controversial abortion pill highlighted in media recently.


The Adelaide Football Club, The Crows, has the highest membership in AfL.
For 5 points, George Orwells ' novel 1984 can best be described as:

A. a nightmarish dystopia where an omnipresent state enforces conformity
B. Party totalitarianism through indoctrination and fear.
C. one of the most influential pieces of literature of the twentieth century

The Royal Adelaide Show receives the largest number of competitive entries in a show in the world.
For 5 points which is the scariest part of the royal adelaide show?

A. The ride that goes up and then round a bit.
B. That one that goes right over then stops.
C. The People operating the rides.


Makybe Diva was the name of the mare from Port Lincoln that made history by winning back-to-back Melbourne Cups.
For 5 points, the largest selling pet food product in Australia is:

A. Snappy Tom
B. Lucky Dog
C. Pal

Golden Grove was awarded the International Real Estate Federation Award in 1998 that named it the “World’s Best New Residential Development.
For 5 points, what is the most popular garden decoration?

A. concrete
B. car bodies
C. Pot plants taken from other suburbs

Humphey B. Bear, A much-loved Australian children’s TV character starred in more than 3,000 episodes filmed in South Australia.
For 5 points, the show was cancelled because:

A. Humphrey wasn’t wearing pants
B. it was boring
C. Didn’t involve a japanese character who collects monsters

Coopers Brewery is Australia’s sole remaining family-owned brewery, now in its fourth generation? For 5 points, how many pints would you have to drink to find Thomas attractive.

A. 25
B. 50
C. hook me up to a drip.

Monarto Zoological Park is the only one in Australia to have successfully bred cheetahs in captivity. For 5 points, when driving through monarto park do you:

A. See an exciting range of exotic animals
B. wonder where the animals are
C. wonder whats on tv

Balfours produce 15,000 meat pies per hour from their Dudley Park factory in South Australia. For 5 points, approximately how many different animals are in each pie?

A. 10+
B. 20+
C. the missing animals from monarto zoological park

South Australian designer, Gerry Wedd’s designs have been associated with internationally recognised Australian clothing label Mambo.
For 5 points, how many designers does it take to change a lightglobe?

A. 1
B. 1 designer but four days of production meetings
C. 'im not changing anything'.

Adelaide Festival Centre workshops created the system for Nikki Webster to ‘fly’ during the opening ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
For 5 points, nicki webster should also have taken part in:

A. Skeet shooting
B. Javelin
C. Archery
D. All of the above as a target